Setup and register Canvas LTI tool with XML

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Open Apps

Click the Apps tab.

View App Configurations

To configure an app, click the View App Configurations button.

Add New App

Click the Add App button.

Set Configuration Type

Select the Configuration Type drop-down menu and set the configuration type to Paste XML.

Add App Details

Enter the name of the App in the name field [1]. Enter the consumer key in the consumer key field [2] and the shared secret in the shared secret field [3]. This key and shared secret will be provided by the vendor.

Enter Configuration XML

Copy the XML code in the paste XML here field [1]. Click the Submit button to link the App [2].

If you do not have your XML, Click the link below to generate your XML.

View App

View the linked App. 

To edit, see the placements, or delete the app, click the Settings icon [1]. To edit the app, click the Edit link [2]. To see the placements where an app can be enabled, click the Placements link [2]. To delete the app, click the Delete link [4].

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