Setup and register Blackboard LTI Tool

On the Administrator Panel, under Building Blocks, click "Building Blocks".

Click "LTI Tool Providers".

Click "Register Provider Domain".

Provider Domain is
Check "set globally" for Default Configuration
Enter YOUR Key and Secret
Check "Send user data over any connection"
Check "Name" and "Email Address" for user fields to send
Click "Submit"

Click "Manage Placements".

Click "Create Placement".

Fill in the label, which is what will show up in the course.
Fill in the handle, which is what will uniquely identify the placment
Select "content type"
Enter in your URL, Key and Secret
Click "Submit"

Click "Manage Global Properties".

Make sure to have "Send user data over any connection" checked
Make sure to have Name and Email Address check for user fields to send
click "Submit"

Now you can add it where you would like

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