Setting up Oscelot Basic LTI Tools Building Block

-In order for this tool to work you will not be able to have the other Blackboard LTI tool active. (You must choose one or the other to use)

-Start by downloading the Basic LTI Building Block 

-Download the one labled

-Navigate to building blocks

-click on "Installed Tools"

-click on "Upload Building Blocks"

*You must unzip the file you downloaded before you upload

-Click "Browse" and find the file to upload

-once you see the file name click "Submit"

-Once you see this screen click "approve"

-After the upload completes click "Return"

-Navigate to Basic LTI Tools and click on "settings"

-Click on "Register New Tool"

-Give the tool a name and description

-Fill in your URL, Key and Secret

-Add link to icon file from Magna and Click "Submit"

-Next click on "Data Settings"

-Change the following settings and click "Submit"

-Value to use for context id: Database Key
-User id: Required by tool
-Value to use for user ID: Username
-User name: Required by tool
-Email: Required by tool

-Click "Edit Launch Settings"

-You can change how the link will open here

-Click "Enable"

-Click add course tool

-Now you can add the tool where you would like it

For more information on installing this 3rd party plugin please visit

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